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Life as a Hamster doesn't seem very interesting. But what are the limits of a powerful mind?

La vida como hámster no parece muy interesante.  ¿pero cuáles son los límites de una mente poderosa?


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Loopita's-Dream-win64.exe 36 MB
Loopita's-Dream-linux.x86_64 41 MB
Loopita' 18 MB
Loopita's-Dream-win32.exe 38 MB
Loopita's-Dream-linux.x86 39 MB


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so cuuuute!

A short experience but felt very polished and the animation and soundtrack was on point.

Sad and cute, beautiful work.



Such a cute game, love the art and animation


This was really cute! The music was great, the animation was great. It was a small game, so I didn't imagine there would be, but I found no bugs. I loved that I could feed and drink Loopita!

This game is supposed to be relaxing, but it didn't work for me. I kept trying to keep Loopita alive, until I realized that you basically have to kill her in order to progress the game. Do I have to kill her to progress? The end is amazing to look at, but does that mean she's dead? I don't like the fact that the drink and food bars are even there. They give you a false choice - one where the choice doesn't matter at all. I wonder why you added those food and water bars in the first place? 

An enjoyable experience. I hope to see more work from you in the future! Very cool. 


As expected from a hamster


dreaming sustains life

Just from the title screen, I love this already

really good


Es demasiado tierno el diseño del juego y pues solo eso, es corto, lindo y disfrutable al 100%

and its realllllly coool

which game engine did you use?


Sencillo y bonito. Gran trabajo. Enhorabuena.

This is so cutteee!!!!


what the fuck?!?!! this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was really cool! If it was an LD47 game, don't forget to link to your LD page, I'd love to rate it!


Great work. ♥


Amazing work! Wholesome and heartbreaking at the same time.


oh god i melted